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The artistic gaze of everyday perspective, through its authors.
We invited 6 photographers from different parts of the world to choose a Casia and capture them freely. The only rule was that they could express their photographic style.  



Katharine is a photographer born in the United States, with Scandinavian and Croatian heritage, who has been living in Honolulu, Hawai'i for the past five years.

Her interest in photography began when she was a child and gained strength when she moved to Hawai'i and started training for freediving. There, photography became a means of self-expression. Her passion for freediving and witnessing the talent of her diver friends inspired her to capture all the images and sensations these experiences provided.

Leather shoulder bag Leather shoulder bag 
"I had never spent much time in the ocean, but I grew up around the Great Lakes, which are like small freshwater oceans."
"I think I am still discovering the best and most satisfying way to make a living because I want to take a different path than traditional photographers."

Katharine is a conscious consumer who researches the brands or companies she chooses. She knows that when making a purchase, she is also supporting the ethics of that business. That's why she felt aligned with CASIA's values and the sustainable practice of vegetable tanning.

 When we discovered Katharine's work, we were struck by her sensitivity and unique perspective on her surroundings. We were particularly interested in her Kodak film photography because it aligns with the more organic and natural concept of our brand.

For her photo shoot with the Palmar bag, she decided to focus on the bag and explore different settings that offer the diverse natural textures of Hawai'i.

"Through photography, I want to expose people to a new perspective of the ocean and our relationship with it. It seems so alien and strange to us, but we are not as removed from it as we might think. With my photos, I want to inspire feelings of beauty, wonder, and a sense of protection for this crucial part of our world."



Micaela is a photographer born in Argentina, which she describes as a "beautiful country." For her, photography is her first love, one that has accompanied her throughout her life. She is moved by the way she sees the world through the frame of her lens.

Full grain leather bag shadow bag
"I believe that the interpretation of all images is influenced by the context of each viewer. Because of this, and because every project I create arises from the chaos of my inner world, I like to open myself up to the analysis of my work."
Leather full grain bag Leather bag in the city

Micaela chose to photograph the Iberá satchel in black to experiment with a classic style. As a backdrop, she selected an ancient and emblematic location in the city where she lives. The architecture complemented her work, and she used "nostalgia" as a concept to reinforce the classic style of this model.

leather bag in the city



Jerika is a Puerto Rican photographer, a lifelong islander, with her heart by the sea and not far from the forest. She feels that her island has it all.

Since cell phones had cameras, she has been fascinated by the power of photography. The possibility of capturing a specific moment in time and creating a memory that will outlast us all astonishes her. That's what made her fall in love with photography.

Leather backpack Tan leather backpackFull grain leather backpack Leather backpack

Then came the knowledge and the art of being behind the camera. The camera was initially just a means of expression, but now it's a way of life in which she never loses her love for art. She is grateful to work in an industry that allows her creative expression and freedom.

Leather backpack jungle Leather backpack in the jungle
"I seek to inspire and set an example of thinking outside the box and coloring outside the lines. I honor the art of all photographers, especially those who are faithful to their impulses, and I admire them. I want to make people want to go to the river, to dance, to smile, to cry, to try something new, and above all, not to fear being different."
Leather backpack in the rain forest


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