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Recognizing ourselves as part of nature is much more than just spending "time outdoors"; it's about tuning in to it. It's understanding that we are the ecosystem we inhabit, that we function in the same way, and that we are part of its cycles.

We are our  rhythm, our way, our nature.
Leather handbags. From and for nature

It's about recognizing our internal clock, listening to our own timing and processes for doing things. Just as each plant grows at its own pace and has different needs to do so, so do people. Going at our own rhythm means acknowledging and embracing our uniqueness. Each of us has an internal clock that dictates when we're ready to move forward and when we need to pause and reflect. Everything at CASIA moves slowly because we want to do things right (with commitment, respecting our values), just like writing this blog, where we believe it's important to pause and think about what we want to communicate.

Slow fashion

To flourish, solid roots, values, beliefs, and convictions are required. When we look at a plant, a tree, a flower, we appreciate its shape without judgment, we see it just as it is. We don't have a critical eye; we accept its way of growing, its irregularities, the passage of time. At Casia, we want to look at everything that way. It's a conscious observation of natural materials and an appreciation for the passage of time. 

Leather handbags made with natural materials

Nature is our silent teacher, a guide that reconnects us with what we are. When we don't know how to return to ourselves, we can follow nature's footsteps.

That's why we design our pieces in an artisanal way, and we choose to work the way we do. We respect the rhythms and shapes of nature itself because we are nature.

Every natural material has its own visual, olfactory, and tactile language. We do our work with enthusiasm because we are inspired by the materials we use and their journey from start to finish.

By observing the natural world, we can see that there are no two identical leaves, no two identical snowflakes. Each tree, animal, and landscape has its own uniqueness and singular beauty. This reminds us that diversity and singularity are fundamental in the weave of life.

Leather handbags made with natural materials

We share an analogy that was a source of inspiration in our environmental awareness campaign.

"To contemplate a piece, is more than just seeing the crown of a tree; it's about appreciating its roots, its evolution. Who could deny its majestic passage of time? The older it gets, the more imperfect, the sturdier, the more shade that tree will provide."
"The roots are not in the landscape, not in a country, not in a town; they are within you." - Isabel Allende

When we say we are nature, it's precisely about appreciating and recognizing the uniqueness of each person and everything around us. These are our roots and motivation at Casia.

Leather handbags made with natural materials
Leather handbags made with natural materials

When CASIA was born, we were determined to create a brand that we could be proud of, one that aligned with our values and our quest.

By choosing our pieces and joining our community, you are also supporting our work ethic. You are part of conscious observation, of this way of seeing life, of appreciating our pieces as they are, with their marks, their texture, their shades, and their transformation over time.

We are the same nature as the grass we walk on, the tree we climb, or the river we bathe in. We are our rhythm, our manner, our nature.
Leather Handbags. From and for Nature

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