A place inspired by nature, at the heart of Buenos Aires.

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Finding spaces of calm and quiet rhythms in the middle of big cities might be challenging,  so we appreciate the art of handcrafting and artistic expression that slows down the pace of life. That's why, if you're visiting Buenos Aires, we highly recommend visiting Forma Taller, a design store and studio in the heart of the city.


In a restored antique house, the perfect synergy of art and handmade goods is created. In their open studio days, you can find unique jewerly inspired by organic shapes of nature, clothes made with botanical prints, and dyes; cosmetics, and aromatherapy made out of vegetables and herbs that help connect mind, body, and spirit, the last addition is the art that transforms paper and other materials into fantastic installations.  Many of these objects are created in the studio, so when you visit can have the pleasure of viewing in real-time how the magic occurs. 


During special seasons such as Christmas or Mother's Day, Forma Taller hosts fairs where small businesses are invited to showcase their work, encouraging sustainable and thoughtful gift curation within the community.

We are proud to announce that our Casia pieces are now available at this beautiful home. Our friends at Forma Taller will be happy to help you find the perfect leather accessory for you.


Stay connected with them via Instagram and never miss out on any upcoming events.  

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