Natural Leather

  • The vegetable tanned leather that we use has unique variations and character markings that are inherent to natural full-grain leather. All pebbled leathers are achieved naturally and never artificially pressed. Since they are tanned with vegetable tannins, the tones and colors of the leathers may also vary slightly from batch to batch. 

Natural variations

  • Our full-grain and gently brushed leathers are among the strongest and most durable available, and the distinctive textures and imperfections from the cow’s life have not been removed. These naturally occurring variations should not be considered faults, but as proof that the leather is a living and natural material.


  • Please note that contact with ink, water, perfume, make-up, alcohol, oils and solvents will cause stains and marks on the leather. Solvents will cause stains and marks on the leather.


  • Prolonged exposure to the sun can also cause the leather to darken with time.
  • If the leather is dirty, we recommend that you clean it with a soft, dry white cotton cloth. 


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