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The artistic gaze of everyday perspective, through its authors.
We invited 6 photographers from different parts of the world to choose a Casia and capture them freely. The only rule was that they could express their photographic style.  



Estefania is a photographer originally from a small town in Puerto Rico called Cidra. She currently lives in Guayama.

Her interest in photography began in the small room where her grandmother took the time to show her photos of children and family members. These were photos that her grandfather took and developed himself in his darkroom. Although she was young at the time, seeing and remembering these photos still has an effect on how she views photography today and remains her greatest source of inspiration even as an adult.

Black leather shoulder bag Black leather shoulder bag
"Through photography, I try to evoke the memory of an experience or tradition that has been lost over time. Something that conveys nostalgia. Scenes that go unnoticed, that are not thought about much but have a beautiful meaning. These are the things that invite me to pick up the camera in my daily life."
Full grain leather tote bag

The care, teamwork, and love with which each CASIA is made reminded her of her working style and her creative process as a photographer, along with her husband Nestor Daniel, with whom she supports and works seamlessly.

Full grain leather hand bag Full grain leather hand bag



Amparo is an Argentine photographer. We have been working with her since the early days of CASIA. She knows exactly what we aim to communicate as a brand and always goes the extra mile when creating a campaign.

Her interest in photography traces back to memories in different stages of her life. Moments that come to her mind every time she thinks about playing with a camera took a concrete form when she decided to enroll in a photography program. 

Full grain leather crossbody bag Full grain leather hand bag

When she finished her photography program and started working for clients, she had fewer opportunities for creative freedom. That's why the idea of participating in this project with CASIA interested her, and she saw it as the ideal opportunity to create a photo series with a concept of her own. 

Leather shoulder bag in a swimming pool
"I know the Casias; I have more than one, and I can honestly say that I use them every day as if they were glued to me. For me, having that experience powerfully describes what CASIA does. Once you use them, you don't want to use anything else, and you take them everywhere. So, I decided I wanted to work on a series with that concept, meaning images that convey the message of 'I don't take off my Casia even for..."
Full grain leather crossbody bag  Full grain leather crossbody bag

For Amparo, achieving a good creative result involves a lot of trial and error until she finds "the image." She is very clear that to make it appear, you have to be willing to invest time, which is why she is an indefatigable worker.

"I always look for a new way to see, a new way to think and create. When I see someone do something creative and different, I feel great pleasure and joy. It inspires me to find behind the art I'm looking at a mind that sought and found a new way. I want that."

FELICIA LIM (Singapore)

Felicia is a Singaporean photographer by nationality, but she considers herself a citizen of the world (currently splitting her time between Europe, Argentina, and Singapore). We got to know her several years ago when she purchased her first CASIA, and over time, she became a close friend of the brand. She has a deep understanding of vegetable-tanned leather and appreciates its natural characteristics.

She has been running her food blog for 7 years, where she also photographs all of her recipes. What started as a hobby has now become a way of life. By sharing her recipes, she feels that she is making a difference in this world, one dish at a time.

Convertible leather backpack Convertible leather backpack

Felicia already owns several Casias. In this case, she chose to photograph an Andes M backpack, highlighting its qualities in an everyday photograph. Reflecting on her experience with vegetable-tanned leather, which she describes as magnificent due to its natural shine, she emphasizes the obvious quality that is felt through touch, not just its appearance. This highlights its durability and versatility.

black convertible leather backpack Leather backpack

Through her photos, she enjoys capturing her vision and translating it into images that she can share with others.

"Everyone has different viewpoints and perspectives in life, and I like being able to share mine."

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