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Our pieces tell their own stories, and part of that is telling you how a Casia ended up in Leonardo Sbaraglia's hands and became a part of his wardrobe in the movie "Today We Fix The World." realesed on Netflix

It all started when the Patagonik film production company reached out to feature our Ceibo bag (the suitcase version) as part of the protagonist's wardrobe. We saw this as a great opportunity to showcase a Casia in action.

Our phrase "each Casia tells its own story" was re-signified. And a word the movie left us with resonated: 

"It's not about whether it's true or false, it's about believing it," says "El Griego," giving new meaning to a metaphor applicable to television and life itself.

So, whether it's a fictional story or real life, a Casia is a handbag that tells stories, in this case about its fictional protagonist.

We find it fun how opportunities arise, scenarios change and a Casia is there to discover new frontiers, new uses.
We want you to discover it with your family, while watching the movie and meet it in full motion. That it leaves its form of static photo, of branded video, to enter the magic of cinema. A factory of stories, a reflection of everyday life.

As for the protagonist, Leonardo Sbaraglia, he is an Argentine actor recognized for his work in Argentine and Hispanic cinema and television. He is one of the Argentine actors who have worked in Hollywood.
Throughout his extensive career, he has received several awards for his work, such as: two Martín Fierro, a Goya Award, two Cóndor de Plata and nominations for the Platinum Award and Emmy Award, among others. He is a founding member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences of Argentina and was a member of its first Board of Directors.

After telling them a little about his career, we emphasize that we are honored that Leo, with whom we also share a dedication to what we love to do, and the production company have chosen Casia as part of their fiction story. Leo carries our piece very well, 

In the role he plays in "Today We Fix The World." he can be seen in a working day as a television producer. His briefcase Ceibo accompanies him in his working days, as well as in his personal life. He becomes a hybrid between his profession and his paternal role.

The plot tells the story of a television producer who discovers that his son is not his, and from that point on, they embark together on a quest to find the biological father.

It is an entertaining Argentinean comedy-drama of the year 2022 directed by Ariel Winogrand, which we were delighted to be part of.

We would like to mention Winogrand, the director of the film, a great Argentinean director, screenwriter and producer.
He is an artist who is passionate about filming. Getting behind a camera gives meaning to his existence.
He is the true king of comedy in Argentine cinema, thanks to his extraordinary ability to move, amuse and entertain in the same story.

We identify very much with his work, which he connotes as handmade. He says that filmmaking is a highly artisanal task to which one dedicates his life in each project.

So, if you've already seen the movie or plan to, now you know that our Ceibo bag has a starring role. Enjoy!

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