Father's Day, Creative and Sustainable.

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Father's Day is a special occasion to celebrate and honor our dads while embracing creativity and sustainability.

We're excited to celebrate Father's Day by sharing the heartfelt story behind our campaign's main character. His journey unfolds in the everyday moments of life, where his story truly comes to life.


Let us introduce you to Cristian, a fantastic father who chooses our pieces to complement his daily adventures. We connect with Cristian not only through our shared passion for our craft but also through our commitment to living a meaningful life. He is the driving force behind our Father's Day campaign.


To understand his world, let's dive into his story a bit: Cristian is an architect who embraces the concept of recycling and sustainability in his work. At his studio GKM, functionality is at the core of every architectural project, and he strives to make the most of available resources. 


He is also actively involved in an organization that breathes new life into historical buildings that have fallen into ruins. Their mission is to restore these spaces while preserving their authentic essence. They believe in honoring the past and allowing people to get closer to the stories and memories embedded within these structures. Instead of fully renovating the buildings to make them look brand new, they respect the passage of time and preserve the marks it has left behind.


He understands the importance of maintaining the authenticity of these buildings and ensuring that their stories are not forgotten. At Casia, we admire and support Cristian's dedication to preserving our architectural heritage.

This resonates strongly with our philosophy of honoring the natural essence of our pieces and valuing the real and durable objects that carry a history and a way o life as time passes.


Each Casia piece has its own unique story, and Cristian brings us closer to his. Picture a typical day in the park, where he enjoys quality time with his kids and his beloved Casia after a busy day at work. It's a moment filled with joy and creativity as he uses his blueprints, which have fulfilled their purpose, as tools for play and education. Airplanes, headbands, and colorful highlighters transform into instruments of spontaneity, creating a genuine and cherished fatherhood experience.


 This simple, everyday moment captures both his essence and ours. It takes us back to the genuine simplicity of Father's Day, just like our protagonist. At Casia, we want to celebrate this special day by sharing meaningful moments like these – stories that build connections and become part of the Casia family. Cristian is more than just a customer; he is a friend and the heart of our campaign, embodying the very spirit of Casia.


We wish you a joyous Father's Day, accompanied by our pieces that not only represent you but also embrace the unique journey of fatherhood alongside you.

Warm wishes.

- CASIA team

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