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We are Casia. Get to know our team.

Casia is more than the unique pieces we create; it is the people who work with enthusiasm, respect, and consciousness.

Every person involved in the process leaves their mark on the path towards reconnecting with what is genuine and natural.

We work with dedication and commitment in each piece that reaches the hands of those who trust us and share our vision of life.

 Our inspiration comes from valuing the beauty of simple life. We want to share our appreciation for authenticity through our products and daily work.

We celebrate the opportunity to work on what we love, sharing values and goals in a positive and innovative work culture.

We want to tell you about us:




  • Role: Founder. Design, branding, and strategy.
  • Profession: Fashion Designer from
  • Favorite Casia: Black Forest, I even have it tattooed.
  • If you were a Casia, which one would you be? Andes Caramel, I can adapt well to changes.
  • Superpower: Being able to strike up a conversation with just about anyone.
  • Power inhibitor: Running out of yerba mate.




  • Role: Design. I coordinate creative and productive processes. I aim to promote well-being, valuing human quality.
  • Profession: Fashion Designer, with specialization in creative coaching.
  • Favorite Casia: Andes L Black. I like carrying the essentials. Classic and functional.
  • If you were a Casia, which one would you be? Delta Caramel. Organic, flexible, lightweight. It symbolizes resilience for me.
  • Superpower: Sensitivity, curiosity, finding synergy and poetry in things.
  • Power inhibitor: Monotonous tasks.




  • Role: Design, creating content for email marketing and campaigns, sourcing materials.
  • Profession: Industrial Designer.
  • Favorite Casia: Monte, because it's practical and comfortable, and can be used in two ways.
  • If you were a Casia, which one would you be? Palmar Green, its classic and simple shape resonates with me. I like that it allows carrying the essentials.
  • Superpower: Detecting and interpreting needs, synthesizing concepts. I enjoy problem-solving.
  • Power inhibitor: Rainy days.



  • Role: Packaging and shipping, customer service, and stock management.
  • Profession: Educator.
  • Favorite Casia: Ombú Black.
  • If you were a Casia, which one would you be? Bosque Black. Its simplicity and flexibility identify with me.
  • Superpower: Enjoying and valuing life's simple things.
  • Power inhibitor: Lack of sleep.



  • Role: Handcrafted design and creation of pieces.
  • Profession: Pattern maker and sample maker for women's clothing, specializing in leather goods.
  • Favorite Casia: Andes. I appreciate the functionality of objects.
  • If you were a Casia, which one would you be? Estepa Black. Because of its qualities: Strong, resilient, classic, and simple.
  • Superpower: Patience for details.
  • Power inhibitor: Whatsapp voice messages.

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