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As a team, we form a close-knit family that values not only the meticulousness of our processes but also personal relationships.

A few years ago, we met Marcia, who also shares love and admiration for the materials that nature gives us. In her store, MAMOCHE, she carefully selects handcrafted objects made from these materials. Her extensive curation creates a unique atmosphere, with a fair-like spirit and hints of art exhibition.

Leather bags Family

We discovered in Marcia a person who is sensitive, peaceful, and deeply appreciative of the beauty that surrounds her.

Gradually, we became acquainted with the rest of Marcia's family, and we were struck by the realization that they span four generations of women—mothers and entrepreneurs—who possess a strong connection to handicrafts, natural materials, and a deep bond with the artists and artisans.


This unifying bond has become a legacy that is passed down through the generations, perpetuating over time and symbolizing their family identity.

Each member has succeeded in preserving the essence that unites them, establishing their own workspaces where they offer meticulously chosen artisanal pieces. These stores house a harmonious blend of jewelry, woodwork, leather goods, textiles, ceramics. All the pieces coexist perfectly, enriching the space.

These women have supported and strengthened one another. They have grown and progressed together, achieving their shared goals. Their legacy now spans over 30 years of history.

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The family continues to expand because, as they themselves state, every time an artisan enters their store, they become part of their family. This legacy has cultivated in them a keen commercial instinct and perception that has been passed down through the generations.

Momoche is located in the renowned San Telmo market, Defensa 961, shop 96. It offers many beautiful handmade CASIA items that coexist with other exquisite pieces made in the same artisanal way.


You can read more about the MAMOCHE store on our blog.





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