What we are grateful for

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We know the importance of being grateful. We have experienced the change that can manifest in our lives when we look at everything through the lens of gratitude. 

We want to share with everyone some of the things for which we are grateful. 

  • We thank nature for its gentle wisdom, inviting us to settle into its calming rhythm and enjoy life's journey.
  • We are thankful for the opportunity to work at what we love and to be able to live the way we believe in.
  • We are grateful for the unexpected to pull from us off our usual, well-worn paths into novelty and the unknown.
  • We are grateful feeling comfortable in our own skin and accept us with love.
  • We are thankful for finding people in the world to love and who can love us.
  • We are thankful for the courageous words of friends who have the power to heal and inspire us.
thanksgiving leather full grain
  • We are thankful for being brave enough to take our time and do things our way.
  • We thank quiet moments and unhurried movements that allow us soak into feeling present in our life.
thanksgiving leather Shoulder bag

We thank you for joining us and for appreciating our craftsmanship and the richness of natural materials.
We wish that we all continue to grow in what makes us happy.

Happy Holidays!

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