Secrets to care for your CASIA

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We are often asked how to take care of our leather, and our answer is: "Simply use it and enjoy the characteristics and evolution of this natural material."

Our leather is of such high quality that you don’t have to do anything to treat or condition your bag. In the leather industry, not all hides are tanned equally. We use the best leathers on the market, full-grain vegetable-tanned leather. Our bags are tough. You can set them on the floor, carry them in the rain, or bang them around without fear of damage. Of course, the leather will mark and stain with use, but this does not mean that the material is damaged.

We admire the natural evolution of objects over time and how each Casia changes depending on who wears it.

If you want to keep your Casia looking new for longer, that takes some care.

  1. Scuffs and scratches come with the territory when you’re dealing with natural leather. Left alone, the self-healing properties of full-grain leather will take over. However, if you find a scratch bothersome, try erasing it with your finger. Many of our leathers are imbued with rich oils and waxes that respond to heat and friction. The oils and waxes in the leather move and change when they become warm. Rub the mark vigorously with your fingers, and you can manipulate the natural conditioners in the leather, helping scuffs and scratches to heal and disappear.

  2. Use a hairdryer. While you rub the scratch, push up from behind on the sueded side of the leather, and hold a hairdryer on the warm setting 12” from the area to get those oils and waxes moving.

  3. Generating heat helps. So rubbing the leather energetically with a soft, clean cotton cloth will also help to cover the mark.

  4. If rain falls on any of our smooth leather products, we recommend ironing with a cotton cloth.

  5. If you wish to use waterproofing or balms, you can do so! We always recommend doing a test on an inconspicuous area before application in the entire bag and letting it air dry completely, so you know how your leather conditioner will affect the leather.

  6. When it comes to bags that have unpainted raw edges, it's not uncommon for them to develop raised hairs over time with use. If this happens, there are a couple of ways to remove them. One option is to carefully burn them off using a lighter. Another option is to carefully trim the raised hairs with a pair of scissors, taking care not to cut into the bag material itself.

CASIA is committed to making products that last. Durability is inherent in this natural material. Each bag starts out unique and then evolves and becomes richer and more complex over time. So don't worry. Let the leather do its thing!


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