01/28 International reducing CO2 emissions day

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In Casia we want to raise awareness and compromise with the environment. That's why with each order we help Seamos Bosques in the restoration of the native forests of our country.
It is our desire to give back to nature some of what it offers us, and we invite you to do it together.
We're all Earth.

We are our roots
One small business, one teamwork, one united family. Designers and leather artisans work together to create unique pieces. It is this relationship that brings back the leather as a symbol of identity and part of the culture of our country.
Respect for the identity of the material is what leads us to design under the guidance of responsible consumption.

The leather is the protagonist, that's why we seek:
- The best raw materials from our country
- Simple and classic designs.
- Vegetable-tanned leather.
A return to the roots of artisan leather production.

We are the footprint we leave.
That's why we pay special attention to every step of the manufacturing process. From the hands of the artisans who work the leather, to the hands of the customer, to the environmental impact. It is all part of the Casia value chain. The footprint we leave.


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