Let's be Forests

We collaborate with the organization SEAMOS BOSQUES, and support their
environmental work in restoring the native forests in Argentina.
To ensure that each planted tree reaches adulthood, SEAMOS BOSQUES
geolocates and monitors them for a timespan of 20 years.
Once the trees have reached a certain age and size, a microclimate is generated
within the forest, allowing for other plant species, animals, fungi and lichens to
grow and thrive. Through this process, the forest recovers its health, structure
and function, definitively restoring the ecosystem that was previously degraded
or destroyed.
Currently SEAMOS BOSQUES plants the emblematic Tucumán yunga species. In
addition to reforestation, the organization also carries out other activities, and
you can learn more about them at www.seamosbosques.com.ar .

Currently they plant emblematic species of the Tucumán yungas in Argentina.

In addition to reforesting forests, SEAMOS BOSQUES carries out a lot of different activities. You can learn more about them at www.seamosbosques.com.ar