About Us

Casia is built upon the premise of responsible consumption. Our goal is to create durable and timeless accessories that improve with use, so we source and use only the best raw materials from our country, Argentina.

Vegetable tanned leather

In Casia, our mission is to inspire the search for one's own essence and the connection to our roots. We aim to offer the opportunity to appreciate and admire the essence of naturalness.

  Leather handmade
We honor the original characteristics of each material, allowing its inherent beauty to shine without intervention or modification. Through this, we seek to remind every individual of their inherent value and the importance of respecting our origins. Celebrating all those qualities that come from nature and make us unique beings.

Vegetable tanned leather bags

Keeping that in mind, we focus on simple and classic designs in order for the materials used to shin, all while respecting their identity.
That is why we only use vegetable tanned leather from the best tannery in Argentina, without any artificial intervening.
This allows the original marks and imperfections of the hides to show, which we strongly believe are a part of the leather’s history, and now part of yours as you use it.
 leather handmade

Each one of our products is handcrafted by artisans in Argentina, and we produce in small batches in line with our vision of conscious production and consumption. We are passionate about what we do, and we hope that you’ll love it too.

sustainable packaging