Echoing with Earth through a slow, conscious, and sustainable lifestyle

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A better world is possible if we work together in connecting to our roots and embracing a simpler, more conscious lifestyle. So, we are drawn to individuals who pour their passion and energy into fostering positive change. In this pursuit of shared purpose, we crossed paths with Mafalda, a visual artist and photographer residing in Lisbon, and we couldn't be more thrilled.

Allow us to introduce you to our newfound inspiration.

Mafalda's journey began with an interest and enthusiasm for clothes and fashion since she believes that the way we dress and the clothes we wear are a way of defining and expressing ourselves.

Despite never formally studying fashion, her innate curiosity and awareness of how clothes are made, their materials, and concern about who makes our clothes and under what conditions,  led her down a path of exploration, eventually culminating in the birth of Kinema a brand that advocates for a more slow, sustainable and conscious lifestyle. 

At the age of 17, Mafalda launched Kinema as an Instagram page dedicated to reselling her pre-loved garments. What began as an endeavor to finance her photography studies soon blossomed into something bigger than she expected, which in a way, and fortunately, transcended her.  

She decided to make selling second-hand and vintage clothes an alternative to fast fashion, explaining to her then-small community, the importance of opting for clothes that already exist rather than mass production, which lacks quality and conditions for its workers. A bold and brave decision to make back in 2017, when the idea of wearing second-hand clothes was still a big stigma in Portugal and it was a slow and even difficult process to educate people about it. 

Driven by a vision of mindful consumption and with the expansion of online shopping after the pandemic, Mafalda steered Kinema  towards slow, sustainable, and conscious living principles, through the reuse of surplus, second-hand, and vintage pieces. 

Today, Kinema  developed into a brand and concept store where in addition to vintage and second-hand apparel we can find products that resonate with the brand ethos such as vintage decorative pieces made from sustainable materials, handmade and artisanal production, locally made candles, handmade basketry, and soon, sustainably produced knitted garments. The curation and selection of their pieces is done carefully and slowly, through the small local and certified suppliers they work with.  

Embracing natural materials such as linen, cotton, and wool, and vintage and handmade pieces is a choice Mafalda makes related to her interest in quality and durability.  In addition, for her, antique items and handcrafted work have something very special and unique that makes them stand out in a world where production is so fast and multinational brands have the same products everywhere.

"Being able to offer an alternative through unique, special products made especially for those who share the same opinions and values is undoubtedly one of the essential pillars at Kinema."

Aligned with her purpose of contributing positively to the planet and the community, since the beginning of Kinema, all the clothes that aren't sold or aren't in a condition to be sold are donated to institutions where she's volunteered, and today, they are proud to have extended the network of institutions to which they donate clothes. 

When it comes to their packaging and packing material for orders, since 2022, Kinema has been working in the community with other businesses, brands, and companies looking to give new meaning to their surplus paper, boxes, and bags. Much of the material they use for packaging has also been donated by family, friends, and many customers.

Yet, Mafalda's creative journey doesn't end with Kinema. Enter Journal of Emme—an embodiment of her artistic vision and collaborative spirit. This multidisciplinary studio serves as a hub for creative expression, offering a range of services tailored to elevate artists, brands, and small businesses.
It was in her studio where  Mafalda created an editorial campaign about collaboration between Kinema  and Casia.

The main focus was to portray the connection between the products and those who wear them. The inspiration came to her from the products and their strong connection to nature.  

"The conscious and sustainable production of the pieces, as well as the very nature of the Casia brand, inspired me and helped me to create the concept for this project, emphasizing the connection between the body and the product, well-being, and nature."

She wanted to illustrate this in a continuous embrace between the shapes of the body and the shapes of the products and how both fit together perfectly - thus also showing the importance of design in reinforcing the essence of the products.

“The fact that I personally liked the products so much, their material, design, and even their unique smell inspired me to create a strong image of this synergy”. 

She aimed to launch not just a fashion editorial, but a concept and lifestyle she stands for. And let us say that we loved the result! We hope you enjoy it too. 

Here we leave you with Kinema’s message: 

"For our future as a brand and community, we seek to become an increasingly inclusive, sharing space where, through collaborations and partnerships, we welcome people, brands, and businesses to join us in the sustainability and community movement."

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