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A little bit of my story

My name is Noelia Battista (married, 2 children). I studied at the UBA (University of Buenos Aires), where I was also a teacher for many years and I was trained as an interdisciplinary designer. I was born in the neighborhood of Mataderos, surrounded by a lot of leather culture and craftsmanship. I grew up running through the corridors of my grandfather's factory, smelling the smell of wood and admiring the passion for making with my hands from a very young age.

Plaza de Mataderos

During 2014 and part of 2015 with my husband we went around the world. During this time I was looking for a product or an idea that would inspire me when I returned home. But what inspired me the most was to detect what were the typical things that were produced in each country, of which the locals were proud. I realized that leather is a material that we produce in Argentina and for which we stand out in the rest of the world. That is why I decided to change my plan and instead of bringing a new idea to Argentina I wanted to take the best of our country to the rest of the world.


Beginning of the brand

At the end of 2019 my cousin Lucas, who already had his leather goods workshop, proposed me to work together on a new project. That's how CASIA was born. From the beginning I knew I wanted to make natural leather pieces without modifying it and go back to the origins of handmade production.

When we found a tannery that works with the original tanning technique, without using chrome or polluting substances, the idea was completely closed.

The concept of the brand itself is born a little bit from my personal process of accepting and valuing myself as I am. The same thing happens with natural leather objects. Each one is destiny, has its own marks, its own irregularities of craftsmanship and that gives them a unique character. In CASIA we admire the natural evolution of objects over time, those in which we can appreciate a history and a way of life, ours.

We seek to work in a cheerful environment, we also want to transmit that to those who buy from us.

We want a brand that takes care not only of the manufacturing process, but also of every hand that goes through them. Since our motto is to take care of the process from its manufacture to the encounter with its owner and that this link is lasting, ethical and honest.

I firmly believe that the future of the clothing industry is more conscious and sustainable. That the consumer no longer blindly follows the rules of fashion and disbelieves in the magical promises or the unreal value that products bring. We want to be part of the brands that do not underestimate their customers. Nobody is more or less because of what they wear. We believe in the enjoyment of natural materials, simple shapes, slow consumption of well thought out, durable and quality pieces.

In addition, with each purchase we help to reforest the native forests of our country. Throughout these years many CASIA trees have already been planted. We think it is very important to give back to nature a little bit of everything it gives us.

We currently sell both in Argentina and the rest of the world. Nothing causes us more emotion than seeing someone with one of our pieces in another country.


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