Photos in a recovered railway warehouse

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We love doing photo shoots in places we love, that we usually visit and with people we know and have a good vibe :).
We are admirers of the architecture and the enhancement of the historical places of our city.

A few blocks from our studio in Almagro is the Parque de la Estación, a project that contemplates the creation of a public park on the grounds of the former Estación Once de Septiembre del Ferrocarril Sarmiento and the recovery of the railway shed. Its design contemplates the needs of different cultural, educational and sports activities. The green spaces of the place, the glass roof that allows to see the sky and its huge public library make it a perfect place to go to read and spend a quiet moment with oneself or with friends.

That's how we got these beautiful pictures, with the eye of Amparo Zuelgaray behind the camera, the styling of Tatiana Pestarino and the good vibes of Sofia Amestoy and Marcelino Castellani. It was a relaxed and fun session.



St: @tatianapestarino



Location: Parque de la Estación, Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires, Argentina.





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