Photos in a recovered railway warehouse

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We love doing photo shoots in places we love, that we usually visit, and with people we know and have a good vibe with :). We admire the architecture and historical significance of our city's landmarks.

A few blocks from our studio in Almagro is the Parque de la Estación, a project that aims to create a public park on the grounds of the former Estación Once de Septiembre del Ferrocarril Sarmiento and restore the railway shed. Its design caters to different cultural, educational, and sports activities. The park's green spaces, glass roof, which allows for a view of the sky, and its vast public library make it a perfect place to read and spend a quiet moment with oneself or friends.

That's how we captured these beautiful pictures, with Amparo Zuelgaray behind the camera, Tatiana Pestarino styling, and Sofia Amestoy and Marcelino Castellani adding good vibes. It was a relaxed and fun photoshoot session.



St: @tatianapestarino @noeliabattista



Location: Parque de la Estación, Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires, Argentina.





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