Christmas, a time of giving

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The holiday season brings a mix of joy and tradition, but it's also a time to reflect on our impact on the environment. Instead of succumbing to rampant consumerism, we can choose to celebrate a more conscious and sustainable Christmas. Opting for gifts that leave a minimal footprint on our planet: recycled items, handmade or local products.

Leather shoulder bag

We can also eco-friendly decorate our homes using reusable ornaments and energy-efficient LED lights. Even choosing a sustainable Christmas tree, like a recyclable one or a potted one, can make a difference! By embracing small actions, we can contribute to preserving our environment while enjoying the magic of Christmas in a more meaningful and eco-friendly way. This season, let's make our celebrations shine with the spirit of sustainability.

Leather fanny pack

That's why at Casia, we want to gift you a Christmas ornament with your purchase, crafted from the waste generated in the manufacturing process. While we optimize material usage during cutting, there's still some waste that can be repurposed into smaller pieces.

Leather pieces. Made with full-grain vegetable tanned leather dyed
Your Casia comes with a recycled leather garland, so the Christmas spirit is more than just an ornament. 
Let's give awareness, and pieces that nurture moments.

 To thank each one of you for your purchase, we decided to use those small leather pieces, cutting them into pine shapes to transform them into a garland. We hope that the spirit of making a positive impact on the environment serves as an inspiration

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